Saffire (undersaffiresky) wrote,

LEDE | Part 1 | Homestuck Fanfic

Title: LEDE
Chapter: Part 1 of 8
Series: Homestuck
Outside Links: AO3 |
Prompt: Written as a fill for this prompt.
Characters: Scratched Alpha!Dave (with memories), Alpha Guardians, Dave, Davesprite, Jade, John, Rose, Bro, D??? Strider.
Rating: PG-13, assuming you're all ready used to Dave's particular brand of language. Otherwise, there's nothing to warn for.
Summary: You were never supposed to remember. That's not how the game worked. The scratch is called a hard reset for a reason. It means starting over from square one with a clean slate. Memories don’t come with the package, but you guess the game made some kind of special exception for you, because you remember. You remember everything, and you don’t know what to think.

Except that something must have gone terribly wrong.

(It takes only seconds.)
Tags: !fanfic, !homestuck
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