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LEDE — Part II — Incomplete

Title: LEDE
Fandom: Homestuck
Chapter: Part II: Life
Rating: PG-13. Same language warnings as before apply.
Alt Links:: You can also read the chapter here at AO3.
Previous Chapters: Part I: Time
Notes: Well. I apparently can't estimate the number of chapters there are going to be in a story unless I have a firm outline in hand. So yeah, this isn't exactly out of two anymore. Probably eight if my outline goes as planned.
Summary: You were never supposed to remember. That's not how the game was supposed to work. The scratch is called a hard reset for a reason. It means starting over from square one with a clean slate. Memories don’t come with the package, but you guess the game made some kind of special exception for you, because you remember. You remember everything, and you don’t know what to think.

Except that something must have gone terribly wrong.

(You chase the meteor like it's a falling star.)
Tags: !fanfic, !homestuck, !lede
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